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About Us

RaceOneDesign was started by a couple of technology geeks in the Seattle area who are passionate about racing one design sailboats. We looked high and low for a website that would let us learn more about our sport and help bring together the community of people across North America who share our passion for racing. When we couldn't find just the kind of website we were looking for, we decided to build a it ourselves!

Our company is committed to making one design racing easier and more interesting. That means presenting everything from wind and weather forecasts for nearly every racing venue in North America to a growing collection of articles--many of which are written and edited by the RaceOneDesign community--on nearly every aspect of the sport. We created RaceOneDesign as a way to bring people in the one design racers together, to create a place that would allow any sailor to share their experiences and ideas with the world.

We're always interested in your questions, comments, and ideas--Let us know what you think by sending email to user-services@raceonedesign.com. For media relations, advertising information, and all other inquiries, please visit our Feedback page.

We hope you enjoy using our site!

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