Sailboat Racing with BIOD is Right Around the Corner


Hose the pine needles out of the bilge, find some sails, uncoil the mainsheet,and meet us on Budd Inlet.

On May 10th at 6:30 p.m. the first race of the 2012 will start the Budd Inlet One Design Laser Fleet and Portsmouth fleet seasons. If you are reading this you are invited! Additional details are available on the South Sound Sailing Society website:

Attendees of the Portsmouth Fleet meeting earlier this year may recall the collective gasp from warm blooded folks as Jeff and I revealed that we had already started sailing our Lasers this year. At that time we invited others to join us on subsequent Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. and had a few folks respond for informal on-the-water practice sessions. Although I do not want to dissuade any others from getting into their boats a few weeks before official races start, I need to mention that we won't be sailing our small boats on Thursday April 19th or 26th. Star number USA30 will be racing the Black Star Regatta and the boat's skipper (Jeff) needs to train up his crew (me). We will park the lead mine after the Black Star Regatta and return to the Lasers for our last informal practice/sail on Thursday May 3rd. We will meet at Swantown marina at 5:30 and plan to be on the water just a few minutes later. If you launch from West Bay Marina look to meet us on the water at 6:00 p.m. Whether you plan to sail a Laser or a Portsmouth fleet dinghy, please join us.

Speaking of 'other dinghies', this is a good time to advertise the one for sale in my garage:

Last item of discussion is safety related. While I do joke about folks being surprised at my willingness to sail in cold weather, it is not without significant preparation that I do so. Observant folks will notice that I always wear my PFD while sailing. Not so obvious are the carefully selected multiple layers of neoprene sailing garments. Cold water is our number one enemy to health while small boat sailing. I'm not dressed for comfort while on the boat or for style on the dock. My garments protect me from the cold water on the not-so-rare occasions that I make a mistake and go for a swim. Please take steps to keep yourself safe while sailing.

If anyone has comments or questions about local sailing, finding or sailing a Laser on Budd Inlet, or what to wear to keep yourself safe while sailing, I can be contacted via this contact form: Let's go sailing.