Perfect Practice


While unrigging my boat I think back on what we learned and admire this view.

The last three Thursday practice sessions have been a lot of fun. Very little rain with a couple lovely sunsets thrown in for the sail home. Never warm but never too cold, either. And the wind velocities ranged from typical Budd Inlet to somewhere well North of typical. We practiced match racing tactics, ran 'first-to-round-the-mark-rounds-again' continuous windward-leward 'races', counted five capsizes in one evening, and even reach-planed out to the #3 marker and back. Yee-Haw! But sadly this fun must end as the 'real racing' starts in just over one week. Tomorrow's Thursday 6:00 practice session will be the last of the planned pre-season practice days. I hope to see you there or on the starting line on May 5th.