Lucky Number Seven

A quick recap regarding the completed Spring Series is in order before the glowing report about the Summer Series Race #1.

As a whole, the Portsmouth/Laser Thursday program attendance seems pretty strong. We averaged a total of 9 boats each Thursday and an average of 5 Lasers. Maintaining this level of Laser class participation will go a long way to establish our Laser fleet as a permanent one and not a one year fling. The Spring Series had ten different sailers sailing the same five Lasers. I'm hopeful that this is an indication that there is currently more sailor enthusiasm than available Laser hulls.

When reviewing the Laser results for the Spring Series I see a not-so-surprising correlation between series finish position and our unofficial pre season practice series. More practice sessions equated to better finishes.

In reference to better finishes, Jeff summarized to me recently that the boat is easy to sail but difficult to sail well. Well said, Jeff.  I offered some Laser specific tips in the form of loaning him my copy of "The Complete Introduction to Laser Racing" by Ben Tan. If you are participating in the SSSS dinghy series and would like to borrow the book for two weeks please contact Jeff directly. I would ask that you limit your possession of the book to two weeks so that other local Laser sailors can have a turn.

And now the best news... Spring Series race one.

Thursday June 16th was a most wonderful evening of dinghy racing on Budd Inlet. The sun was out, the wind was up, and the racing was excellent. A strong contingent of dinghies attended with a record seven Lasers in attendence.  The wind was just about perfect. Eight-ish to ten-ish knots of breeze which built up a few patches of waves to surf downwind. The sun was shining late due to the long June day. The wind and sun lasted long enough for four excellent races. Good friends and good times on the water. If I only get to remember one race evening this will be the one!

With seven lasers making it to the course we are continuing to look like a fleet with some staying power. I am encouraged that we are seeing some newish faces to the dinghy scene and that we can continue to attract more as our momentum continues.

A couple closing notes.

A hearty 'Thank You' to the RC crew for making all this happen so far. Without them we would all be sailing in circles (just like we do now) but would never know where to go or who won.

A conflict of schedule will prevent me from attending the June 30th race. I've asked Jeff to step up as 'Full Time BIOD Fleet Cheerleader'. I'm sure he'll fill those shoes well.

See you soon. Dwaine.