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The Lido 14 was designed by Barney Lehman and Bill Schock in the late 1950s, in Newport Beach, CA, and has stayed in production ever since. The dinghy is sailed doublehanded, with main and jib. The boat provides for highly tactical racing, and the class association maintains tight one-design rules. By the mid-nineties, more than 6,000 boats had been built, and the manufacturer created the "6000 series" Lido 14 with a two-piece hull mold for better safety and endurance. Essential features of the boat remain identical with the Classic Lido 14, and 40-year-old boats are fully competitive with new models. Of 16 active U.S. fleets, 14 are on the West Coast, especially in California. For more information, read the Lido 14 Wikipedia article.