Made of glass-reinforced plastic and introduced by Ray Greene in 1948, the Rebel emerged from the post-WWII search for non-wood industrial materials. A 16-foot sloop weighing 700 pounds, it was the first fiberglass sailboat ever built. Alvin Yougquist, designer of the Y-Flyer, contributed to the design. Twenty-five boats were sold in the Rebel's first year, despite the derision of wooden-boat stalwarts, and the class association was formed in 1952. Since its early days, the association has fostered a friendly family atmosphere, and the boat itself welcomes family crews because it is forgiving of weight variance. Refinements to the hull, such as a more comfortable cockpit, were developed in the 1960s and 70s, by which time 3,000 boats had been produced. The boat progressed through many builders over the years and is now available in its Mark V version from Nickel Boat Works.The boat is actively raced in the Midwest and East Coast.